What is B2B Platform: B2B Ecommerce Products & Services and Marketing Strategies

What is a B2B platform? Who will be your customers? What are B2B ecommerce products and services? How can you stand out in your marketing efforts? Read and find out!

The B2B industry is gaining a lot of attention. The B2B ecommerce transactions are predicted to reach $1.2 trillion by 2021 which is quite impressive.
Even though these are great numbers, the B2B businesses are not new to the ecommerce world, because the B2B ecommerce has been around for some time now. As a matter of fact, the B2B retailers have been selling online for 2-5 years.
This is why the B2B ecommerce businesses need to invest more money and time into technology to better manage the business and stay on top. Considering the fact it is super competitive being a B2B business, is there something you can do to stand out in the playfield?

In this article, we will discuss what B2B platform is, who will be your customers, what are B2B ecommerce products and services, and how can you stand out in your marketing efforts.

B2B ecommerce is the virtual sales of products and services from one business to another. The main difference between business-to-business and business-to-customer is that sales occur between two entities and not between a business and an individual customer.
The B2C sales are simpler as prices are determined and fixed and everything goes smoother. B2B, on the other side, is a little bit more complex as all the business elements and financial information need to be more fluid, especially if you have larger clients that constantly vary in their requirements.
You are marketing to highest level businesses. A long time ago, the B2B marketers and business owners targeted the C-Suite Level executives only. Nowadays, over 80% of non-C-Suite employees are affecting business purchasing decision and over 60% of them still had the sign-off authority in the company. So, if you want to make the most out of your marketing efforts and target the right B2B ecommerce customers, you need to strategize and gain both purchasing power and business level.

To successfully manage B2B ecommerce, you need to organize your products and services and see how can you optimize each product/service for the modern world. By addressing the unique needs of each aspect (volume products, subscription and software, and ecommerce site) you can effectively create a plan to reach your target group, maximize the ability to scale, optimize your marketing efforts, and adapt to the trends of modern B2B business needs.
B2B ecommerce is not about creating a well-looking website to get visitors to your site and convince them to purchase your products. Business-to-business is about the experience of the customer and what this customer thinks of your products. There are some b2B ecommerce marketing strategies for you to keep in mind: mobile use, payment and shopping, video content, personalization, and etc.

According to one research, 57% of B2B business owners said everyone needs to invest in an ecommerce platform. If you want to provide a better shopping experience, you need a platform that can help you build the website of your dreams, help you organize the items you sell, and increase your brand recognition. As you create your B2B ecommerce website, you need to be as creative as possible. Also, you need to make sure you have a strong logo, stylized typography, user-friendly interface tools, simple navigation and clear page categories, targeted and creative content, strong brand story and objectives, and modern design.

Hopefully, this article gave you some tips and tricks to think about when trying to update your B2B plans, strategies, and goals.


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