E-commerce Platforms and B2B Customers

E-commerce Platforms and B2B Customers

B2B and B2C are considered to be two different industries. It is assumed that they require different approaches. For starters, B2B marketing is starkly different from B2C marketing. Many think this is because the customers of the two are different as well.

But, are they?

E-commerce- the choice of all

Slowly, the world is moving towards digital solutions. This includes retail as well. You would think that only B2C customers prefer to shop online. However, latest stats have shown that B2B customers look for b2b E-commerce solution as well.

What is b2b platform?

Before you decide whether or not you want a b2b wholesale platform, it is imperative to understand what a b2b e-commerce platform is. A b2b platform is an online place where customers meet sellers. The transactions occur online as well. Some of the top b2b platforms also deliver B2C solutions. For instance, when you conduct a b2b E-commerce platform comparison, you are bound to include options like Magento and Shopify b2b.

The fact that some of the B2B platform examples overlap with B2C platforms showcase that the needs of the two types of customers are not that different. Both of them now prefer the convenience and hence digital solutions. Both B2B and B2C customers wish for excellent customer support. Regardless of what business you are in, consumer behavior does remain the same at the core.

How are B2B customers different?

While some of their characteristics and behavior are similar, B2B customers are different than their B2C counterparts in some ways. Understanding these differences allows you to choose the best b2b platform.

  • B2B customers wish for dynamic pricing.

In most cases, B2B pricing depends on quantity bought and the previous relationship you have with the given customer. This is why the same product may be offered to different customers at varying prices. Only a platform that delivers dynamic pricing can offer this to you.

  • They like self-service

B2C customers might prefer being helped, but B2C customers don’t. They don’t have time to seek support and hence wish for a platform which is easy to navigate. They want all the required information to be present on the platform so that they can do it all by themselves.


Once you understand what your customers want, you will be able to create the best ecommerce experience, regardless of whether you are b2b or b2c.

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