B2B Ecommerce Platforms: Features that you should consider

B2B Ecommerce Platforms: Features that you should consider

Starting up a business itself is a challenge. With the ever so increasing use of internet, the business world is also evolving. Business that plan to deal with other businesses, B2B model, are also now going online. So, in this era, if you are also planning to start up an online B2B ecommerce website, it can be quite overwhelming.

When you start doing your research on how to open up your ecommerce website, you may find a lot of ecommerce platforms that may help you. These B2B ecommerce platforms are undoubtedly the best way to get your business going if you are new to the ecommerce business. However, there are a lot of B2B ecommerce platforms and choosing between them might be a little confusing. But don’t worry we are here to help you out!

There are some key factors that you might want to consider before making your choice. Here, we are going to let you know about the features that you might need when starting up your B2B ecommerce website. After going through these factors you can decide what is the best B2B ecommerce platform that suites your requirements.

Design and usability

While going through your ecommerce website what attracts the customer at first is the design of the website and its usability. The website interface must be on point. If your website has such a design which is not compatible with the user’s devices then it will not be a good experience for them.

Differentiated Pricing

As you are in for dealing with other business, you must be able to quote different prices for your customers. This is a specific requirement of B2B ecommerce website. This is so because you might want to offer customers-specific price rather than quoting a single price to all your customers.


Hosting allows your website to be accessible via internet. B2B ecommerce platforms may or may not provide hosting. If they do not provide hosting you will have to choose a hosting company for this purpose. A self hosted website is more flexible and can be customized according to the business needs. Whereas, if the ecommerce platform provides hosting there exist little flexibility.


Your B2B ecommerce website must be able to give your customers a good purchasing experience, and for that it is necessary that the ecommerce platforms integrates well with other systems. This feature will help you operate as an effective business. For better integration, you must ensure that the hosting of your website is in good hands.

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