Cristiano Ronaldo denies accusations of tax fraud in Spain

Cristiano Ronaldo denies accusations of tax fraud in Spain

Cristiano Ronaldo denies accusations of tax fraud in Spain

MADRID: Football star Cristiano Ronaldo on Tuesday denied that hidden income tax or commit tax fraud in Spain, after prosecutors have filed a lawsuit that accuses of defrauding the tax authorities of 14.7 million euros (16.5 million euros) millions).

The prosecutor’s office said the Real Madrid striker had knowingly used a trading structure created in 2010 for allegedly hiding his image income rights in Spain between 2011 and 2014.

This involved a “voluntary” violation of tax obligations in Spain, said the press section of the economic crimes office. The four charges of tax fraud charges were based on a report from the Spanish tax agency, it said in a statement.

Ronaldo denied the allegations through his representatives Tuesday.
“There is no tax evasion plan … It has never been concealed or intended to conceal something,” said Gestifute, the agency that represents the player, in a statement.

Gestifute said he would publish documents to prove that the Portuguese player had not created such a structure and it was companies he had belonged to since joining Manchester United that the British and Spanish tax authorities had met instead used.

The agency also said that the case could involve different interpretations between the British and Spanish tax regimes, where they declare income, but in no case constitute a fraud.

Ronaldo, who led Real Madrid to its 12th European Cup earlier this month, is the latest in a long-term league player in Spain, including Lionel Messi and Neymar in Barcelona, ​​to be taken on Whether the tax or transfer.

Between 2005 and 2010, foreign players in Spain are protected by the law called “Beckham” that allows them to slow down their taxes. But as the financial crisis became more serious, this exemption was lifted, opening the way for the event.

The prosecutor alleges that Ronaldo defrauded the tax authorities of 1.4 million euros in 2011, 1.7 million in 2012, 3.2 million euros in 2013 and 8.5 million in 2014.

The prosecutor said that after Ronaldo had signed a contract to sign for Real Madrid in December 2008, he sold his image rights to a company called Tollin Associates Ltd, domiciled in the British Virgin Islands in which he was the only speaker.

Tollin Associates then sold its image rights to a company in Ireland called Multisports & Image Management Ltd, which was responsible for the management. Yes Tollin Associates had no commercial activity, according to the statement.

“Granting image rights (Tollin Associates) was completely unnecessary and their sole objective was to create a screen to hide all their image rights revenues from the Spanish tax authorities,” the statement said.

Prosecutors filed a lawsuit against Ronaldo on Tuesday in a court in the Madrid district of Pozuelo de Alarcón.
Ronaldo ended the football season by scoring two goals in a 4-1 victory over Juventus in the Champions League final to become the top scorer of the tournament with a total of 12 goals.

In May, the Spanish Supreme Court rejected an appeal by Messi and confirmed the prison sentence of 21 months of a Catalan regional court of fraud authorities of 4.1 million euros in image rights. Unlikely to go to jail under Spanish law, sentences of less than two years can be served on parole.

The Spanish Supreme Court has served the Neymar fraud last month but is still facing a corruption trial in Spain as part of the value of its transfer from 2013 Santos to Barcelona. He has denied wrongdoing.

NEET 2018 Counselling Started – AIQ & State Counelling Procedure

NEET 2018 (2nd round) consultation result for 15% All Indian contingents were declared on 8 August 2018. NEET is a national entrance test for eligibility. This is a national entry test regulated by the Central Council of Secondary Education (CBSE).

NEET is being conducted for admission candidates in undergraduate medical and health care (MBBS / BDS). The advisory process for 15% The quota headquarters of India is organized by the MCC (Medical Counseling Committee). Candidates check here the complete procedure of NEET Counseling 2018 ….



NEET consultation procedure

The consultation process is organized in two rounds. The NEET online consultation procedure mentioned below:

On-line registration: To participate in NEET counseling, the candidate must register by filling in their basic data. Without registration, candidates can not participate in the consultation process. After registration, applicants will receive a unique user ID and password in the email ID and registered mobile number. Applicants must register with the user ID and password given for the subsequent procedure.

Filling and Locking Option: Now candidates must choose schools of medicine and dental care and courses according to your preferences. After the final selection, candidates must click on the “Save” button and lock your options. It is necessary to block the options.

Declaration of results: Applicants will receive an SMS or e-mail related to the assigned course and colleges after a few days of the consultation process. Seats will be awarded to candidates on the basis of rank and have chosen the option of schools.

Reporting the assigned school: After the announcement of the result, candidates must report to the assigned university and confirm your seat by paying the course fees. If the candidate does not show up at the assigned university within the specified time, the seats will be awarded to the next candidate.


NEET Admission

After getting seat, candidates have to report at the allotted college within a given time period. During admission, candidates have to bring their original documents for verification. In case, candidates fails to join at the allotted medical/dental college within a stipulated time, then candidates seat will be cancelled & candidates will not be eligible for further rounds of counselling.

Documents required at the time of Admission

Here, we have updated the list of documents needed at the time of admission. Candidates have to bring their original documents (along with attested photocopies of documents).

  • High School & Intermediate Mark Sheets
  • High School & Intermediate Passing Certificate
  • NEET 2017 Admit Card
  • NEET 2017 Rank Card/Rank Letter
  • Category Certificate (If Applicable)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Eight Passport size photograph (Six)
  • Provisional Allotment Letter
  • Identity Proof

BCCI to determine ‘conflict of interest’ issue

BCCI to determine ‘conflict of interest’ issue

BCCI to determine ‘conflict of interest’ issue

MUMBAI: Letter from captain Rahul Dravid of the former head of the Indian Committee of Directors (CoA) appointed by the Supreme Court, asking whether his role as India’s national youth team coach is in conflict with his master has a franchise of The First Indian League (IPL), has become an issue that can not be swept under the rug.

Of himself a cricket legend whose identity among his fans was synonymous with integrity and hard work Dravid, are those in the cricket halls of India, who finally aroused the awareness that conflicts of interest as subjects should be treated with a purpose Of forward air.

“The question is not whether Rahul could continue as a national coach when she was with the IPL team or vice versa. The question is whether the BCCI was clear in its own thinking processes, even if it struggles to establish basic governance policies.” Cricket player become an administrator told TOI on Monday.

In that sense, thanks to the removal of Dravid himself subject and asking for clarification, a due diligence process is in place soon, and this time with the intention of explaining the basic concepts of what is essentially a conflict what not.

For example, Dravid’s role as the national qu’entrain as IPL franchise mentor is considered a case of conflict with some of the older people who manage the state of affairs in Indian cricket. And in this, there is a process of reflection, which in the
The words of a principal director, works like this:

“A position with the national team, to the extent of their ability, should be considered as” sanctimonious “.

This is a choice, you have to work with the national team and the National Cricket Academy for a year and make a salary or draw the same salary with IPL franchise if you get it and use the rest of the time to devote yourself to Outside interests you may have.

But you can not do both. Do not complicate, just watch how the football circuit. ”

This leads us to a question that has remained unanswered for some time. Can the conflict be determined written term and explained in black and white?

“Perhaps not, but the principles of what constitutes conflict can be determined as a broader pattern. For example, Sourav Ganguly is also hampered by the fact that the head of the BCCI State Association commented.

Until last month, your partner was an owner of the IPL franchise. It is a conflict, “said the administrator.

The Cricket Board of India finally working on a temporary project to regulate the degree of variation that brought the term “conflict” to become one of the most abusive expressions of the country’s sports fraternity.

“There will be a lot of this topic between today and next month.Just have to wait and see.Even a manual will highlight basic principles,” is the other top manager said, confirming that the next general meeting Of BCCI will be a priority.

Many have already been mentioned previously. Except this is the first time someone (ie: Dravid) was actually and asked if he was in conflict or not. In doing so, he put the ball in the BCCI playground and rightly so.
The Guha chart, highlighting the “conflict” of Indian cricket, was not something new in tracking evolution in recent years. There are those who believe in BCCI that the historian has lost patience and unnecessarily jumped the pistol when he should have stayed and made an effort to sort things out, especially if he felt so close to.

However, it can be said with absolute certainty that the letters of Guha and Dravid became the last nails in the coffin to wait a long time to rest.

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Planning to lose weight? Eat vegetables and nuts to shed weight

Planning to lose weight? Eat vegetables and nuts to shed weight

Planning to lose weight? Eat vegetables and nuts to shed weight

“The discovery is important for people trying to lose weight, including those with the syndrome and / or metabolic type of diabetes 2.

It is also relevant to anyone who takes the weight of their management seriously and wants to stay slim and healthy, “said lead author Hana Kahleova.

Do you want to get rid of those extra pounds? Become a vegetarian. According to new research, consumption of vegetables, grains, legumes, fruits and nuts can be almost twice as effective in reducing body weight as conventional low calorie diets.

The vegetarian diet led to a reduction in muscle fat that has improved glucose and lipid metabolism and an average loss of 6.2 kg compared to 3.2 kg for the conventional regimen, the researchers said.

“The discovery is important for people trying to lose weight, including those with the syndrome and / or metabolic type of diabetes 2.

It’s also relevant to those who take their weight management seriously and want to stay lean and healthy, “said lead author Hana Kahleova, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine in Washington DC.

For the small but important study, published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, the team randomly assigned 74 people to follow a vegetarian or conventional diet.

Both plans were limited by 500 kilocalories per day compared to an isocaloric intake for each individual. Vegetarians and conventional diets caused a similar reduction in subcutaneous fat under the skin.

The fat subfastique – the fat on the surface of the muscle – has been reduced in response to the vegetarian diet. Intramuscular fat – fat in the muscles – was more strongly reduced by a vegetarian diet.

“This is important because Subfascial fat gain in patients with type 2 diabetes was associated with insulin resistance, while reducing intramuscular fat may help improve muscle strength and mobility, especially in the elderly with diabetes “Said the researchers.

“Vegetarian diets have proven to be most effective for weight loss. However, we have also shown that a vegetarian diet is much more effective in reducing muscle fat, which improves metabolism,” said Kahleova.

Champions Trophy: Fans hope for mouth-watering India vs Pakistan final

Champions Trophy: Fans hope for mouth-watering India vs Pakistan final

Champions Trophy: Fans hope for mouth-watering India vs Pakistan final

Everyone knows that cricket is a game of uncertainties and no one can predict the outcome. Although it is a very remote possibility, cricket teams from India and Pakistan are hoping that South Asian neighbors will compete for the Champions Trophy final in the Sunday oval. Of course, both sides have to overcome serious semi-finals before thinking about this tender dreams.

Before India compare Bangladesh during the last four meetings in Birmingham on Thursday, Pakistan’s fate have already been decided, while he was against England a day earlier – Wednesday in Cardiff.

If Pakistan is able to traverse guests throughout the Asian subcontinent and, of course, the legion of worldwide followers, will aggravate enthusiasm, as you can expect India to get the best of unpredictable Bangladesh.

Although they have faced 15 times in ICC-organized events – there was only one moment when India and Pakistan met in the final – at the first T20 World Championships in Johannesburg 2007, when India got the Neck cliff for five shots with Misbah-ul-Haq play the now infamous scoop only to be captured by Sreesanth, to the delight of Indian fans.

Overall, India has won six games against Pakistan in the World Cup, five out of five in the T20 world (including a bowl out after a draw) and two out of four in the Champions Trophy – an overwhelming 13 of 15 games to date. With such an overwhelming track record, Indian fans would prefer that India take on Pakistan instead of England in the title clash.

Overall, India has won six games against Pakistan in the World Cup, five out of five in the T20 world (including a bowl out after a draw) and two out of four in the Champions Trophy – an overwhelming 13 of 15 games to date. With such an overwhelming track record, Indian fans would prefer that India take on Pakistan
Indigenous Indian supporters have already begun to post comments such as: “If Pakistan comes ultimately to the final against India, remember that June 18 is Father’s Day.” Whether or not Pakistan, supporters of India are already preparing for the final on June 18, convinced that their team is strong enough to overcome Bangladesh.

A stronger team English
But they are aware that England is the master in the conditions of the house and should be an extraordinary effort to thwart Indian oval Sunday breakfast.
The English team as Eoin Morgan pattern is very different from what India defeated in the final of the last Champions Trophy in Edgbaston in 2013.

MS Dhoni was then the captain of India and is now one of the smaller boys of Virat Kohli. On the other hand, Morgan was a player and now he is the captain.

As the two captains follow the mantra of the brave and aggressive cricket, most experts predicted that the final Anglo-India, which could materialize to dismay fans in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Jawbone may be liquidating, but three of its ideas live on

Jawbone may be liquidating, but three of its ideas live on

Jawbone may be liquidating, but three of its ideas live on

The manufacturer of the portable jaw has initiated settlement procedures, according to the information technology website Thursday, citing a person close to the jaw. Founded in 1999, the jaw has been one of the first pioneers to carry Bluetooth, even before the term “wearable” is widespread.

Despite his death, it is now possible – the company declined to comment on several applications CNBC – Innovations jaw is alive and can extract future economic value.

Many of its products have integrated technologies to eliminate noise developed internally the military quality of the jaw.

The company’s patent portfolio may be worth 12 to 15 million and could be useful for tech giants like Google, Apple and Samsung, David Pratt, general manager of patent valuation company M-CAM International CNBC and CNBC partner In the IQ index of 100, wrote in an email to CNBC.

With a value of up to 3 billion, jaw has attracted big names as venture capitalists Sequoia Capital and Andreessen Horowitz; Her painting features Marissa Mayer.

And it left a lasting impact on consumer technology. Where the company really made a name for itself was in a portable and portable technology. Here are three appliances that has created the jaw, which for some time have been designed in an innovative way and overcome many other consumer technology companies.

A portable Bluetooth headset, the jaw wore a sleek design at a time when most headphones shivered business that could not hear or included a long expansion to receive better sound.

The jaw had a textured exterior designed by Yves Béhar and included a patented noise canceling technology. Jaw bone has become so closely associated with the company, then called Aliph, that they finally took their name from this and they become jaw bone.
The company helped launch the portable speaker market with the Jambox, a portable speaker that connects wirelessly to mobile phones and sound quality combined with a so-called noise canceling technology called their experience in Bluetooth headsets .

The unit worked entirely from an internal battery (an innovation at the time), connected via Bluetooth was designed to be small enough to pull into a bag and could even receive calls.

She distinguished herself in a sea of ​​bulky, heavy skirts with a unique design and different colors that “immediately spoke to the consumer,” said Bob Hoyler, research analyst at Euromonitor International.

“It certainly was not the first, but it’s the one that brought the product to the mass market.”

Quijada has followed an iteration in design, eventually launching the Big Jambox and Mini Jambox, but the market soon became saturated due to the established manufacturers have released their own vision on the portable speaker, including Bose and Beats by Dre , Now owned by Apple.

U.S. Energy Department helping power firms defend against cyber attacks

U.S. Energy Department helping power firms defend against cyber attacks

U.S. Energy Department helping power firms defend against cyber attacks

(Reuters) – The US Department of Energy said Friday that it helps companies defend themselves against a hacking campaign by public utilities, including at least one US nuclear power plant, Will have no impact on electricity or grid production.

The news of the attacks broke out there a week when Reuters reported that the Department of Homeland Security and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation issued a warning June 28 industrial companies, pirated targeted sectors warning nuclear infrastructure, Electricity and critical infrastructure.

“DOE is working with our government partners and industry to mitigate any impact of a cyber intrusion affecting entities in the energy sector,” a representative of the Energy Ministry said in an e-mail to Reuters.

“At present, there has been no impact on US energy infrastructure control systems. Any potential impact seems to be limited to administrative and business networks.”

It was unclear who was responsible for the cuts. The joint DHS-FBI report did not identify the attackers, but described the courts as “persistent advanced threat,” a term commonly used by US officials, but not always to describe the perpetrators’ attacks.

DOE examined its response to the attacks after Bloomberg News reported Friday that the Kansas nuclear power plant Wolf Creek was one of at least a dozen US utilities raped in the attack, citing aged and ex-US officials who were not named.

A representative of Wolf Creek Nuclear Corp operative declined to say whether the factory was pirated, but said it continued to operate safely.

“There was no operational impact on Wolf Creek, which is because operating systems are completely separate from the corporate network,” company spokeswoman Jenny Hageman said by email.

A separate national security newsletter, released on June 28, includes information on the code used in a hacking tool that suggests hackers have attempted to use the password of a Wolf Creek employee accessing the network.

Hageman declined to say whether the hackers had access to the employee’s account. The employee could not be reached for comment.

The June 28 alert, he said, observed pirates using contaminated emails to collect their network access credentials from their targets.

“Historically, cybernetic players strategically targeted the energy sector with different cyber espionage targets disrupting energy systems in the event of a hostile conflict,” the report said.

David Lochbaum, an expert non-profit group of the Union of Nuclear Scientists, said the reactors have some immunity against cyber attacks because their operating systems are separate digital business networks. But over time, it would not be impossible for hackers to potentially harm.

“Perhaps the increased vulnerability of nuclear power plants to hackers could get their information on plant designs and work schedules with which to carry out a physical attack,” Lochbaum said.

The Department of Energy said it had no shared information on this incident with the industry, including the technical aspects of the attack and mitigation suggestions.

“Government security and industry professionals work closely together to share information so that operators of power systems to defend their systems,” said the agency’s representative.

Touting coal, Perry confuses supply and demand

Touting coal, Perry confuses supply and demand

Touting coal, Perry confuses supply and demand

(CNN), energy secretary Rick Perry has confused the relationship between the fundamental forces of the economy while extolling the coal industry’s adoption of the Trump administration, according to economists.

“Here’s a little lesson in economics: the supply and demand for supplies gets put out there and demand will continue.” Standard & Poor’s Taylor Kuykendall said Thursday.

The former governor of Texas made the remark by talking to employees at a coal-fired power plant in Maidsville, West Virginia. A message left by CNN with Perry Friday’s office was not returned.

But economists have pushed Perry’s statement Friday.
“It’s an old statement called Say’s Law and what’s wrong.

It’s that simple, “said Doug Holtz-Eakin, president of the American Action Forum, a center-right think tank. The offer does not automatically create its own demand. ”

“There are two separate entities that have their own determinants and interact to provide prices,” he added.

The late French economist Jean-Baptiste Say argued that supply beyond demand was never carried out because demand always corresponds to supply. But Holtz-Eakin, former director of the Congressional Budget Office, said it was a basic misunderstanding of the economy.

“Maybe not everyone does the economy. And I know from the fact that everyone does not happen,” he said.

Adele Morris, director of policies for climate and energy economics at the Brookings Institution, said Perry’s words “really do not have any meaning.”
“What it seems to suggest is that if providers provided more, people would ask for more,” he said. “Well, suppliers do not control the application, they control the supply.”

There is no debate among economists about the law of supply and demand, said Morris, a former economist at the Joint Economic Committee of Congress.

“There is a debate about the disconnection of what the government says to coal workers and their communities and truths in the markets, in order to weave a story and tell people in the coal-dependent areas that have the Power to revive the coal industry, “he said.

President Donald Trump and his administration have regularly announced employment growth in coal, although experts say otherwise.

A study by Columbia University estimates that the coal industry lost about 60,000 jobs since the end of 2011 and hundreds of thousands of people since the 1920s because of a larger share of the world’s energy production from other sources Cleaner as solar gas and natural gas.

Democrat Ted Lieu hit Perry in his comments on Twitter.
“Dear Rick Perry: If you put a lot of 35mm film there, this will require you to continue NO This is not like capitalism stop lying to coal workers ..” Said the California lawmaker.

The Latest: Huge and peaceful protest march underway at G-20

The Latest: Huge and peaceful protest march underway at G-20

The Latest: Huge and peaceful protest march underway at G-20

Tens of thousands of peaceful demonstrators are taking to the streets during the third day of demonstrations against the summit of group 20 in Hamburg, where violent disturbances have overshadowed some protest events.

Around 20,000 demonstrators, including families, socialists, anarchists and Kurdish groups with flags and slogans criticizing anti-capitalists, crossed the city, while the G20 leaders were at the summit to address the controversial issues such as climate change, Trade and terrorism.

Thousands of policemen accompanied the steps, but many had removed their helmets and watched the demonstrators sing, dance and play music.

The demonstration Saturday afternoon came after the aggressive riots in the Schanzenviertel area of ​​the city, only a few hundred meters from the summit headquarters.

President Vladimir Putin said Russia would comply with its obligations under the climate deal in Paris.
During a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron in the framework of the Group of 20 in Hamburg, Putin said that “we honor the Paris agreement”. He added that Russia has taken the decisions related to the implementation of the agreement and intends to implement them.

Macron welcomed Putin’s commitment as “very important.”

Russia, the fifth largest emitter of greenhouse gases, was one of the 195 countries that signed the agreement in Paris in 2015, but delayed its ratification for at least two years.

Russian targets for carbon emission reductions are very modest and also insisted that they get the maximum potential of adsorbed carbon credit out of the atmosphere of extensive forests of Siberia.
The security official in Germany denounces the riots in Hamburg at the top of the Group of 20 and said it is “the opposite of democratic protest.”

Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière said on Saturday after rioters set up barricades in the streets, looted supermarkets and attacked police with firearms, “These are the violent excesses of the inexhaustible desire for destruction and brutality.”
He added that “totally uninhibited attacks against people and objects, looting and fires by anarchists from Germany and Europe have nothing to do with political reasons or protests.”

De Maizière said that police and judicial authorities should take a firm stand against this type of crime, and it is good that arrests have been made.

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and has a strong activist scene. But de Maizière said that “any criticism of the location of the meeting misjudges the causes and effects.”
Police said a German man was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder for allegedly using a laser pointer to temporarily blind the drivers of a police helicopter patrolling the skies during the summit of 20 in the Hamburg group.

Police said in a statement on Saturday that the 27-year-old man, whose name was not disclosed, according to German law on privacy protection, blindly to the two crew members of the helicopter 2 defamation while they were In the air they had to stop working because they could not see. The incident on Thursday.
After intense investigations, the police arrested the suspect in his Hamburg apartment Saturday and also found the laser pointer.

Thousands of activists and anti-globalization police clash for two consecutive days to meet the leaders of the G-20.
Russian President Vladimir Putin met with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan within the framework of the Group of 20, praising his contribution to the peace efforts in Syria.

Ivanka Trump takes her father’s seat at world leaders’ table during a G-20 meeting

Ivanka Trump takes her father’s seat at world leaders’ table during a G-20 meeting

Ivanka Trump takes her father’s seat at world leaders’ table during a G-20 meeting

HAMBURG – The daughter and adviser to Trump’s president, Ivanka Trump, has a large portfolio in her father’s administration. But Saturday, he literally sat at the table during the Group of 20 summit.

The first girl is at Trump’s headquarters during a working session on “Partnership with Africa, Migration and Health”, which puts her shoulder to shoulder with British Prime Minister Theresa May. Russian President Vladimir Putin was sitting down.
Trump’s high table presence was somewhat unusual, as ministers or senior officials are generally asked to present to heads of state at these sessions.

But she is both the daughter of the president and an “assistant of the president,” a title without a defined portfolio or salary.

He entered the session with his father, but “briefly joined the main table when the president had to leave,” said a spokeswoman for the first girl.

This is not the first time Ivanka Trump participated in the high-level summits. Thursday night, she and her husband, Jared Kushner, another adviser Trump joined the President during a bilateral meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Kushner also participated on Friday in the bilateral meeting with Mexican President Trump Enrique Peña Nieto.

Hours earlier, Ivanka Trump and her father attended a World Bank session on women’s entrepreneurship, which she is particularly interested in.

In her speech, Trump lauded her daughter dusting for her work as a “firm advocate” of women entrepreneurs: “I am very proud of my daughter, Ivanka – always, from day one – I had to tell her, first day,” Said Trump. “She’s always been great, a champion, she’s a champion.”

Ivanka Trump has taken a number of problems since playing a role in the West Wing, including training of the workforce, paid family leave and the economic autonomy of women as a portfolio.

But he also weighed in major disputes within his father’s administration, including at odds with his father in his decision to abandon the Paris climate deal.

There has been much talk of the extent to which he disagrees with it in tone and substance.

And on Saturday, she seemed to recognize that she often puts her daughter in a difficult position. “If she was not my daughter, it would be a lot easier for her,” Trump said. “Maybe the only drawback is if you want to know the truth.”