2015 World Cup quarter-final memories still haunt Bangladesh supporters

2015 World Cup quarter-final memories still haunt Bangladesh supporters

2015 World Cup quarter-final memories still haunt Bangladesh supporters

Bangladesh supporters are resisting renewed quarter-finals of the 2015 World Cup against India where two divergent decisions have been taken against them ahead of the highly anticipated semi-final of the Champions Trophy ICC on Thursday in Edgbaston here Thursday.

A report from Bangladesh’s vernacular newspaper, “Jugantor” published Tuesday, part of Bangladesh’s supporters has the 2015 World Cup quarterfinals in mind where two decisions were made against them.

First, centurion Rohit Sharma (137) got a break in his individual score of 90 with the team a total of 196 in the 40th most rolled by Rubel Hossain when a marginal call “no ball” was for the first game of India.

Ian Gould was the referee who judged the full size Rubel shootout as “no ball” with Rohit who was in the middle guard depth.
However, the television replays showed that it was a real touch situation that could have gone one way or another.

Then Shikhar Dhawan seemed to play the limit rope by taking a trap to destroy batter Mohammad Mahmudullah in form for 21 in 17. While the replays were inconclusive, the third referee made the decision in favor of India.
India won the match for 109 races, while many Bangladesh fans burned an effigy of Pakistani referee Aleem Dar.

“Jugantor” said that although there were no reports of Bangladesh supporters worrying about Richard Kettleborough and Kumar Dharmasena, referees for the semi-finals on Thursday, the World Cup 2.015 incidents are new in their memories and everyone Will be on guard watching the game on television.

Bangladesh has so far mounted on the back of their performances from experienced players to book a place in the semifinal, although with the help of rain in the match against Australia where they fell through the floors when the skies opened and the points were split .

However, Tamim Iqbal reached a century and continued with 95 in the first two matches of the tournament, and Mushfiqur Rahim, who scored a 50 against England, helped the team to beat above their weight.

To reassemble things, magnificent hundreds of Shakib al-Hasan and Mahmudulah Riad in a fifth guardhouse 224 shots they won the game against a more imaginative New Zealand after 33/4 chasing 266 to win show their worth.

Coach Chandika Hathurusingha manages the pace variety against India, which stars like Virat Kohli, Dhawan Fit, Rohit Sharma, Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni in their range of batteries.

“We are better than anyone else (when asked to compare their bowling attack with India).” We have variations. Each of the four fast bowlers gives a different taste, “Sri Lanka by the Daily said the Daily Star Bangladesh ‘in remarks to reporters after the training session in Edgbaston on Tuesday.

“I’ve always said that my runners were better, India should not be underestimated, they have a very good fastball attack, they are very good in terms of votes, as I said before, they have four pitchers with different abilities,” he added.

ICC Champions Trophy 2017: Mohammad Amir’s Sri Lanka heroics show he has returned hungrier from exile

ICC Champions Trophy 2017: Mohammad Amir’s Sri Lanka heroics show he has returned hungrier from exile

ICC Champions Trophy 2017: Mohammad Amir’s Sri Lanka heroics show he has returned hungrier from exile

The return of Mohammad Amir in international limited series against New Zealand January 2016 for a major event for cricket in Pakistan. To begin with, the return of a pitcher was marked, which in terms of pure talent was once considered the true successor of Wasim Akram.

His baseball exile and boxing, which was triggered because of his involvement in the scandal of the 2010 points division, erased five crucial years that could see it extended to greatness.

More importantly, for Pakistan, the lack of good bowling options due to the elimination of Mohammad Asif and Amir in such a dramatic way in 2010 left a huge chasm in bowling on the power of shooting. Amir’s replacements, such as Junaid Khan and Wahab Riaz, were considered useful for Pakistan.

Mohammad Amir has regularly followed the ODI. AFPMohammad Amir has always done well after his return.

Therefore, Amir has restarted his international career with a huge weight of expectations on his shoulders. It was a general, perhaps imperfect, assumption, the young fast bowler will continue where he left off in 2010 and took Pakistan to greater heights. But the reality was very different.

A combination of bad luck and possible erosion of skills due to the offside time meant that the column remained fine amir portillo.

While it was constantly described as bowling and the best pistol player in Pakistan, there was a clear lack of winning performances in all forms of the game, which was starting to damage Pakistan.

It is in this context that the role of Amir in the exciting victory against Sri Lanka in the Champions Trophy has been important for his own career.

It was also important for the short term Pakistan as they look forward to the semifinal to come against England and has long term implications with the Amir status being confirmed as the leader of the bowling attack.

His performance against Sri Lanka, where he identified two key pockets then challenged the odds of staying well, while helping his captain to steal the win from a somewhat impossible situation was a great satisfaction.

“I think I’m holding on for a while, but I was a bit of bad luck, since I was not able to get windows. Today (Monday), I have windows that is big but also my hype worked and for that I must thank and give Credit to our trainer Thilla Grant Flower worked very hard with me on my stick and also believes that I can become a good follower as I take off seriously, “he said after the game.

For most of the experts, Pakistan’s victory against South Africa was nothing more than a flower of a day since the disastrous loss against India in the previous game. The precarious situation in which Pakistan saw itself during the match against Sri Lanka took the risk of provoking critics.

He was left to the brilliance of captain Sarfraz Ahmed and Amir tenacious resistance to save the day for Pakistan, having been reduced to 162/7 in the pursuit of a target of 237. This is as Sarfraz Amir explained, the head encourage the pitcher Able to provide support to his captain.

SpaceX fires Falcon engines before Monday launch

SpaceX fires Falcon engines before Monday launch


SpaceX led Thursday 6 hours for its first restart of a rocket Falcon 9 is used, a mission that aims to create a commercial satellite in orbit from the Kennedy Space Center.

The Monday rocket launch teams fed in two stages during the practice countdown that led to a 2-test per test. 100, designed to last for about three seconds, nine key drivers in Merlin’s 39SC KSC Launch Complex.

Delays in conducting this “static fire” test on the weekend pushed the Tuesday launch of SES-10 satellite communication a day.

If the test results are good, the mission must be on the way from a Thursday from 6am to open a window of two and a half hours.

There is 70 percent. 100 probability of having a favorable time during the window, according to the Air Force 45 time square. The odds are slightly less than 60 percent on Friday, the day of the mission’s launch.
The first stage of the Falcon rocket tested Monday is a veteran of this business. For almost a year, the stage has spurred the supply path to the International Space Station for NASA.

SpaceX has landed the amplifier on a ship in the Atlantic Ocean and has renewed for a second flight – the company’s first attempt to control what it calls a Falcon “stolen in evidence” amplifier.

A Thursday by the launch would be a relatively quick spin on SpaceX at its most recent launch site, two weeks after a Falcon 9 launched the commercial EchoStar 23 satellite of the KSC block.

Since its return to flight in January, more than four months after a Falcon 9 has fired launching complex 40 from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, SpaceX’s target is run as often every two or three weeks this year.

Meanwhile, the United Launch Alliance continued Monday to solve a problem with the main engine of an Atlas V rocket. A problem that delayed the launch of an Orbital Cygnus ATB to the International Space Station for NASA.

The mission will not fly at the Air Force Station in Cape Canaveral attempts before the launch of SpaceXSpaceX ciblait jeudi 6 heures pour son premier relancement d’une roquette Falcon 9 utilisée, une mission qui vise à creé a satellite commercial en orbite depuis Le Kennedy Space Center.

The equipment of lancement ont the lundi la fusée in deux étapes lors d’un decompte de pratique qui a abouti à une épreuve de test de 2 p. 100, destinée à durer environ trois secondes, de neuf moteurs principaux de Merlin dans le complexes de lancement 39SC de KSC.

Les retards dans la réalisation de ce test “feu statique” au cours du week-end ont poussé le lancement mardi prochain du satellite de communication SES-10 à un jour.

If they are résultats du test sont bons, the mission devrait être sur la bonne voie pour un départ de jeudi de 6h à l’ouverture d’une fenêtre de deux heures et demie.

Il and at 70 p. 100 of chance d’avoir du temps favorable pendant la fenêtre, selon le 45e escadron météorologique de la Force aérienne. Les chances sont légèrement inférieures à 60 pour cent vendredi, the journée de lancement de la mission.
The première étape de la fusée Falcon testée lundi est un vétéran de cette activité. In addition, it is permissible to encourage the appro- priations of the space station internationale for NASA.

SpaceX to be amplified by a navire dans l’océan Atlantique et l’a rénové pour un deuxième vol – the tentative premier of the compagnie de piloter ce qu’il appelle a amplificateur Falcon «volé en preuve».

A lancement will be a relativement for the spaceX sur site of lancement le plus récent, deux semaines après qu’un Falcon 9 a leancé le commercial commercial EchoStar 23 du même bloc KSC.

Depuis en retour en vol en janvier, plus de quatre mois après qu’un Falcon 9 to explode au Lancer Complex 40 de la station de la Force aérienne de Cap Canaveral, l’objectif de SpaceX est de lancer aussi souvent toutes les deux ou trois Semaines cette année.

In attendance, the United Launch Alliance was to continue lundi à résoudre a problème avec le moteur principal d’une fusée Atlas V. A problème that delayed the launch of an Orbital vessel ATK Cygnus to the Station spatiale internationale pour la NASA.

La mission ne volera pas de la station de la Force aérienne de Cap Canaveral avant les temptations de lancement de SpaceXSpaceX dirigido Jueves 6 horas para su primer reinicio de un cohete Falcon 9 se utiliza, una misión que tiene como objetivo crear un satélite comercial en órbita desde el Centro Espacial Kennedy.

Los equipos de lanzamiento de cohetes Lunes alimentaron en dos etapas durante la cuenta regresiva práctica que condujo a una prueba de 2 por prueba. 100, diseñados para durar durante unos tres segundos, nueve conductores clave en Merlin 39SC KSC complejo de lanzamiento.

Los retrasos en la realización de esta prueba “fuego estático” el fin de semana empujaron el lanzamiento martes de comunicación por satélite SES-10 al día.

Si los resultados de la prueba son buenos, la misión debe estar en camino de un jueves a partir de las 6 am abrir una ventana de dos horas y med

Bank Audit Special Regulatory Treatment for Asset Classification

Reserve Bank of India has stipulated special regulatory frame work for asset classification, in modification to guidelines as enumerated in para 6 above. This special treatment will be available to the borrowers engaged in important business activities, subject to compliance with certain conditions as enumerated herein and is not extended to the following categories of advances:

  1. Consumer and personal advances;
  2. Advances classified as capital market exposures;
  • Advances classified as commercial real estate exposures

Thus benefit of special regulatory frame work would be available subject to compliance of conditions stipulated in the paragraph 7.1 below. If these conditions are not complied then guidelines as discussed in para 6 would apply to restructured accounts.

  • Elements of special regulatory framework

The special regulatory treatment has the following two components:

  • Incentive for quick implementation of the

restructuring package.

As an incentive for quick implementation of the package, if the approved package is implemented by the bank as per the following time schedule, the asset classification status may be restored to the position which existed when the reference was made to the CDR Cell or when the restructuring application was received by the bank.

  • Within 120 days from the date of approval under the CDR Mechanism.
  • Within 120 days from the date of receipt of application by the bank in other cases.
  • Retention of the asset classification of the restructured account in the pre­restructuring asset classification category Subject to the compliance with the

undernoted conditions in addition to the adherence to the prudential framework laid down in para 6 above,

  • An existing ‘standard asset’ will not be downgraded to the sub-standard category upon restructuring.
  • During the specified period, the asset classification of the sub-standard/doubtful accounts will not deteriorate upon restructuring, if satisfactory performance is demonstrated during the specified period.

These benefits will be available subject to compliance of the following conditions:

  1. The dues to the bank are ‘fully secured’ by tangible assets except in the following


  1. SSI borrowers, where the outstanding is up to ?25 lakh.
  2. Infrastructure projects, provided the cash flows generated from these projects are adequate for repayment of the advance, the financing bank(s) have in place an appropriate mechanism to escrow the cash flows, and also have a clear and legal first claim on these cash flows.
  3. The unit becomes viable in 8 years, if it is engaged in infrastructure activities, and in 5 years in the case of other units.
  • The repayment period of the restructured advance including the moratorium, if any, does not exceed 15 years in the case of infrastructure advances and 10 years in the case of other advances. The aforesaid ceiling of 10 years would not be applicable for restructured home loans; in these cases the Board of Directors of the banks should prescribe the maximum period for restructured advance keeping in view the safety and soundness of the advances.
  1. Promoters’ sacrifice and additional funds

Promoter’s personal guarantee should be obtained
in all cases of restructuring. Corporate guarantee
cannot be accepted as a substitute for personal
guarantee. However, the same can be accepted
in cases where promoters of a company are not