The Latest: Huge and peaceful protest march underway at G-20

The Latest: Huge and peaceful protest march underway at G-20

Tens of thousands of peaceful demonstrators are taking to the streets during the third day of demonstrations against the summit of group 20 in Hamburg, where violent disturbances have overshadowed some protest events.

Around 20,000 demonstrators, including families, socialists, anarchists and Kurdish groups with flags and slogans criticizing anti-capitalists, crossed the city, while the G20 leaders were at the summit to address the controversial issues such as climate change, Trade and terrorism.

Thousands of policemen accompanied the steps, but many had removed their helmets and watched the demonstrators sing, dance and play music.

The demonstration Saturday afternoon came after the aggressive riots in the Schanzenviertel area of ​​the city, only a few hundred meters from the summit headquarters.

President Vladimir Putin said Russia would comply with its obligations under the climate deal in Paris.
During a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron in the framework of the Group of 20 in Hamburg, Putin said that “we honor the Paris agreement”. He added that Russia has taken the decisions related to the implementation of the agreement and intends to implement them.

Macron welcomed Putin’s commitment as “very important.”

Russia, the fifth largest emitter of greenhouse gases, was one of the 195 countries that signed the agreement in Paris in 2015, but delayed its ratification for at least two years.

Russian targets for carbon emission reductions are very modest and also insisted that they get the maximum potential of adsorbed carbon credit out of the atmosphere of extensive forests of Siberia.
The security official in Germany denounces the riots in Hamburg at the top of the Group of 20 and said it is “the opposite of democratic protest.”

Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière said on Saturday after rioters set up barricades in the streets, looted supermarkets and attacked police with firearms, “These are the violent excesses of the inexhaustible desire for destruction and brutality.”
He added that “totally uninhibited attacks against people and objects, looting and fires by anarchists from Germany and Europe have nothing to do with political reasons or protests.”

De Maizière said that police and judicial authorities should take a firm stand against this type of crime, and it is good that arrests have been made.

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and has a strong activist scene. But de Maizière said that “any criticism of the location of the meeting misjudges the causes and effects.”
Police said a German man was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder for allegedly using a laser pointer to temporarily blind the drivers of a police helicopter patrolling the skies during the summit of 20 in the Hamburg group.

Police said in a statement on Saturday that the 27-year-old man, whose name was not disclosed, according to German law on privacy protection, blindly to the two crew members of the helicopter 2 defamation while they were In the air they had to stop working because they could not see. The incident on Thursday.
After intense investigations, the police arrested the suspect in his Hamburg apartment Saturday and also found the laser pointer.

Thousands of activists and anti-globalization police clash for two consecutive days to meet the leaders of the G-20.
Russian President Vladimir Putin met with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan within the framework of the Group of 20, praising his contribution to the peace efforts in Syria.

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