Russian official defends his account of Trump-Putin talks, saying U.S. accepted assurances on election meddling

Russian official defends his account of Trump-Putin talks, saying U.S. accepted assurances on election meddling

HAMBURG – A Kremlin spokesman Saturday defended the Russian diplomat’s record in the closed-door discussion of President Trump with Russian President Vladimir Poutine over Moscow’s meddling in the US election in 2016.

After the two presidents had met on Friday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told reporters that after listening to Putin’s refusal to have supervised a hacking campaign and disinformation, accepted and rejected these Guarantees US research on Russia’s interference.

Tillerson told a news conference that Putin, with the denials, had agreed, however, bilateral talks to avoid future interference in the US election.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov was asked about the different accounts on Saturday, said: “You must trust Lavrov, I do not work for Tillerson.”

Peskov was otherwise tight in a conference call with reporters saying that the Kremlin leader will give his own assessment of the meeting with Trump at a press conference for Russian journalists Saturday at the end of his visit to the summit of Group 20 In Hamburg.
On Saturday, Putin reaffirmed Russia’s commitment to the climate agreement in Paris Trump withdrew the United States earlier this year.

“You know our position: we honor the Paris agreement,” Pouten said at a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron within the framework of the Group of 20 in Hamburg.
The long-awaited Trump and Putin meeting during the G-20, eight months after a presidential election, according to which US intelligence agencies believe Russia tried to walk, was unique in the annals of modern United States history. Trump denounced, under fire at his home for alleged collusion with Russia, against the man accused of following up on this interference.

When Tillerson and Lavrov emerged with different lending accounts about how the meeting was gone, this has caused a stir that eclipsed other outcomes – an agreement on a partial ceasefire in the Syrian conflict and the agreement to hold bilateral talks On a number of issues.

And the session offered little clarity on the issue of interference from Russian elections, making it the most anticipated meeting between a US president and his Russian counterpart in recent history. Instead, both parties said they wanted to go beyond the issue

Lavrov left the meeting saying that Trump had learned Putin’s assurances that Moscow had not led piracy and misinformation and rejected any American research on the role of Russia.

“The president of the United States said he had heard clear statements by President Putin about what is wrong and has accepted these statements,” Lavrov told Russian journalists.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who also attended the 2-hour, 16-minute meeting, told reporters at a separate press conference that during the session Trump urged Putin “on more than one chance” in Russia’s interference.

Tillerson said that “President Putin has denied such participation,” but did not say whether Trump had accepted this lawsuit. Rather, Tillerson said Trump has decided to move forward because Russia does not admit guilt.

Tillerson said however that the United States was not trying to blame Russia and that both sides had agreed to hold talks “regarding non-interference commitments in the US business and our democratic process.”

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