G20: World leaders at odds with Trump on trade, climate

G20: World leaders at odds with Trump on trade, climate

Hamburg, Germany (CNN) World leaders at the G-20 summit in Germany entered their last day of talks Saturday by scratching their heads about what to do with an increasingly unified United States.

Leaders seem to be stalled in trade and climate change, German Chancellor Angela Merkel saying that the United States position on key issues that threaten to advance progress and that discussions had been difficult.

US President Donald Trump won the elections in 2016 on an “America First” platform that would lead the United States to various multilateral trade agreements and negotiations, and the history of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

Merkel has shown a scenario across the United States on Friday night and said leaders were considering how they could now present these clearly different positions in a statement.
Merkel criticized protectionist trade policy Trump says that “almost everyone believes that free trade is necessary, but it is also fair.”

“However, I can establish that the Sherpas have a lot of work ahead of them tonight to celebrate the launch of the operation, and I hope we are going to present a good result tomorrow. But I do not want to fight the discussions are very difficult.”

The key to stagnating trade is the suggestion that the United States could impose tariffs on steel imports.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said that the EU would react to steel prices perhaps even to themselves, giving signs of a trade war.
“We need to look at protection with respect to steel imports.

It is necessary that the EU can respond adequately and appropriately to steel. Measures must be taken to ensure that we act correctly with respect to imports from other parts of the world, “Juncker said.

“I can not go into details now, but we react. We will take countermeasure measures in the hope that this will not be necessary.”

“As you know, almost everyone is committed to the Paris agreement,” Merkel said.
“But it will also be very interesting to see how we talk and press tomorrow to clarify that there is, of course, different views on this, because the US has withdrawn sadness or wants to withdraw from the Paris Convention, and it is obvious that Plays in our discussions “.

However, he said that Trump had participated in discussions on climate and leaders agree on how to organize such divergent opinions.

Talks between Emmanuel Macron, Trump and several other leaders on climate change delayed the French president during his meeting with Putin, who seemed to tease the leaders about the impasse.

“Well, I hope the weather will be better,” he laughed when Macron apologized for being late. “I’m sure you’ve argued now, everything will be fine.”

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