Live Watch: Several killed in massive London fire

Live Watch: Several killed in massive London fire

LONDON – People were killed in a major fire that has passed through a high-rise building in West London early Wednesday morning, the London Fire Commissioner said, though he could not say how. At least 30 people were sent to hospitals.

The flames shot from the windows to the end of the 24-storey Grenfell Tower in North Kensington as firefighters battled the fire and a pillar of smoke could be seen for several miles.

The cause of the fire was not immediately known. Residents said it seemed to start in an apartment on the ground floor and spread quickly.

“At this time, I am very sad to confirm that there have not been a number of deaths, I can not confirm the number at this time, due to the size and complexity of this building” Dany said Cotton, Commissioner for London Firefighters.
Fire teams have reached the 20th floor
A structure engineer checks the stability of the tower, the fire department said on Wednesday.

“We have a structure engineer, who, along with my search and rescue consultant, oversees the stability of the ship,” said Mrs. Cotton.

“At this time, the building is still safe for our teams are going to work.”

Ms. Cotton also said the crews had reached the 19 and 20 floors of the building so far.

The High India Commission replied:
The High Commissioner of India in London issued assistance numbers for all Indians affected by the fire:

Fire and frenzy
This incident is likely to fuel the frenzied and highly charged political debate of emotions in Britain, highlights many problems – management (and fire safety regulations) blocks the tachometer, problems related to inequality and affordable housing in The center of London.

According to the London poverty data collected by the New Kensington and Chelsea Policy Institute, the London borough where Grenfell is located, is the most affordable London city to rent. This allows high rates of people placed in a temporary housing.

As terrorist attacks have drawn attention to the cuts to the police, the Grenfell tragedy is likely to draw attention to the London fire brigade, including closing 10 fire stations and removing 500 firefighters to one Saving £ 100 million. Independent.

The review published in November last year called for no cuts if the fire department must have sufficient resources to meet the challenges of the future.

Second fire in West London
Rana Grenfell Fire is the second great fire place in West London during the past year. In August last year, homes were damaged after the fire was destroyed by tennis shepherds, an 18-story residential block in the London borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. There were no casualties.

London Fire Brigade said it believed it was because a faulty whirlpool was subjected to a “corrective action” by the manufacturer and should be seen by an engineer.

Our correspondent in London reported Vidya Ram:
While the fire department said it was too early to say anything about the cause of the fire that caused many casualties, attention has begun to focus on the state of the building, recently renovated with a new exterior cladding system to improve insulation And appearance.

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