This Mumbai man cannot see; but he believes real handicap is lack of love

This Mumbai man cannot see; but he believes real handicap is lack of love

What is a disability? It could be said that a speech disability or hearing loss, blindness or the lack of one or more members, but this man from Bombay is cause for reflection. He was declared blind by doctors only minutes after his birth, but it is believed that the real disadvantage is the lack of love.

His story was viral on Facebook’s Bombay humans page and is nothing short of inspiring. He arrived in Mumbai when he was 16 years old to receive a better treatment, but his first operation failed. He accepted his fate, but he has not given up hope. He completed his studies, made friends and learned to be independent.

He has a wife and an affectionate daughter and amazing colleagues. It can be expected that he is aware of this cruel game of fate but says he has no problèmes.Vous he might even want to take one or two sheets of advice he gives.

“I was told by blind doctors a few minutes after my birth. Medicine for the blind are not so great in UP, so I was sent to Mumbai when I was 16 for a better treatment, but my first operation failed. My fate and I finished my Memorial School Victoria studies for the blind.

I loved my school life, I have made good friends and I have learned to be independent of them. We did not have much money, but I was desperate to study more, and then I would sell agarbattis after college and study late into the night to continue. I also played in a band time on time and saved every penny for my diploma graduation and finally got a job with the State Bank of India!

I love my job – my colleagues are amazing. I was taught how to take independent training and even how to cook my rice and my urges. When I got to a point where I was making enough money, I married the love of my life. I’ve never seen her, but I know she has a good heart because there has not been a day when she made me feel like I was missing something – we had a beautiful life with our girl. ”

“After 55 years of sightlessness, the only thing I can say is that life is beautiful, if you want it to be.” The second one loves and accepts itself as you are, the world becomes a wonderful place to live People often ask me what my struggles are because I am blind, but I have no problem, no problem.

The only reason for this is that I have no love in my heart and I like to look made my wife home with my colleagues at work. When I hear stories of people with depression or young children who commit suicide – I think that is where the problem lies. Lack of love is the true disability that everyone can have and it is people who should be loved even stronger. “

The right to be left alone

The right to be left alone

The first thing to know when talking about privacy in India is that most of the population does not always understand what that means. Sometimes it is confused with shame. It is also confused with the emotion we feel when we do something that does not meet our standards or our sense of what is right.

The modern languages ​​of India seem to have an exact word that reflects a sense of privacy; There are usually some variations of words for isolation, privacy or confidentiality, again hinting at a conceptual confusion.

This explains the reactions of many who wonder what is important for privacy, because they have nothing to hide on the part of the government anyway.

Confidentiality, however, is not just something to hide or keep secret. It is essentially the right to be left alone. This does not mean that we withdraw from society. It is expected that the Company does not intervene in the decisions made by the person, as long as they do not harm others.

This means that the right to eat what we choose, the right to drink what we choose, the right to love and marry whom we choose to wear what we choose among others, are rights that the state can not interfere with.

In a society where adults are not necessarily exercising most of these choices on their own will (or by family, caste or social pressure), it is natural that the very notion of private life seems incomprehensible.

If you grew up in a society where everything you do is dictated by another person, and the cost of disobedience is high, you have the freedom to choose what you want in matters as important as fantasy.

But it is also a common mistake that not accommodated in India do not know or do not care about privacy. Millions of men and women reject daily oppression separated from their families and communities and fight for the freedom to make their own decisions.

They may not be the right word for him, but create a space for themselves to exercise the right to privacy. It is in this context that we must understand the Supreme Court hearings on the right to privacy.

Although the nine-judge jury was formed to decide whether there is a fundamental right to privacy protection protected by the Constitution in the specific context of the Aadhaar case, privacy has many more dimensions than simple protection or data monitoring by Of the state.

A fundamental right to privacy, enshrined and protected in the Constitution would mean that all persons have the right to be left alone by the State, unless such intrusion is necessary by a just, reasonable and equitable law.

It required the first court of nine judges in the first place, while several judgments had considered that there was a common right common to privacy (claimed that of other persons and entities), it was doubtful such a right could be claimed against the government.

Obviously, the Constitution does not use the word “privacy” or it will not hold hearings. Where, then, the right to privacy is a place in the Constitution?

RSS worker murder: Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan meets BJP, RSS leaders over growing cases of violence in state

RSS worker murder: Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan meets BJP, RSS leaders over growing cases of violence in state

Head of Government of Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan today convened a meeting with BJP-RSS leaders in the State in the context of recent political violence and the murder of an RSS worker here.

BJP Vital president, kummanam rajasekharan, former union minister and MLA, O Rajagopal and RSS leader, G Gopalankuttyare, attended the meeting with the head of government. The Secretary of State of the PCI (M) Kodiyeri Balakrishnan also at the meeting.

When the Prime Minister came to the appointment, a group of members who were present TV to take video footage before the start of the meeting was questioned by Vijayan to leave.

On Tuesday, the governor of Kerala, P Sathasivam, had convened the Prime Minister and DGP Loknath Behara about the incident. The Minister assured that he would meet with the leaders of the BJP state and RSS.

Vijayan and the DGP met with the governor separately after being summoned by Raj Bhavan to determine the following measures recent violent incidents, including the murder of 34-year-old Rajesh on July 29.

The state had witnessed a series of violent incidents involving workers BJP-RSS and CPI-M, with the capital district, killed by the bombing of incidents against rival houses of revelers in recent days.

The BJP state office was destroyed on July 28, when stones were thrown at the home of Kodiyeri Balakrishnan’s son, Bineesh Kodiyeri, Minister of State (M). Rajesh was murdered by a machete-driven story-rolling band here on Saturday.

His left arm was severed and there were several injuries along his body. The BJP had requested hath sunrise until dusk last year in protest of the incident. Police said seven people, including the first accused Manikandan, historian, were arrested in the killing of RSS workers.

It was said that the attack was due to personal enmity between Manikandan and the victim during the last half year. Yesterday, Union Minister Rajnath Singh spoke with the Chief Minister and expressed concern about the attacks on political workers in Kerala and said that political violence was unacceptable in a democracy.

While state President BJP, kummanam rajasekharan, claimed that the PCI (M) was behind the attack, district chief PCI (M) denied the party’s role in the attack. The Secretary of State of the PCI (M) Kodiyeri Balakrishnan said that the murder of RSS worker was a fallout from personal rivalry and his party had nothing to do with it.

However, Rajasekharan claimed that the CPI-M was trying to eliminate its political opponents and urged them to refrain from violence. The opposition Congress noted a swift Kozhikode yesterday to protest against the politics of violence.

Besides buying forest land, Chhattisgarh minister wife also encroached on 13.9 hectares of govt land

Besides buying forest land, Chhattisgarh minister wife also encroached on 13.9 hectares of govt land

Last Wednesday, hours after The Indian Express reported that 4.12 acres of forest land were purchased in Chhattisgarh for Sarita station Agrawal, the wife of State Minister Brijmohan Agrawal, Raman Singh chief minister called for an official market report. Officials have now discovered that 13.9 hectares of government land have been contaminated by the project.

Investigations conducted by Mahasamund District sales officials also showed that opinions regarding “piracy” were sent there four months Aditya Srijan Pvt Ltd, the company that acquired the land and Sarita Agrawal and Abhishek Agrawal, son of Brijmohan Agrawal Its administrators.

In response to notification through their representatives, the company signed a defiant note and said they wanted to keep this government land park, which they believe belonged to the boundaries of their property. In return, records show that they offered to give the government another pamphlet.

July 25, The Indian Express reported that 4.12 hectares of land, which were donated by a farmer Vishnu Sahu Water Resources Department in 1994, were moved to the Department of Forests, with Rs 22.90 lakh spent in 2003 for the reforestation.

According to the documents, then this land was bought by the minister’s wife. Also read | Chhattisgarh minister wife buys state forest lands to build station, department says we can not do anything | Click here

Documents accessed by the Indian Express now show that the Mahasamund district sent the notice of Showcause Aditya Srijan Pvt Ltd on March 15 informing them of the government land invasion.

The letter states: “According to the note prepared by the patwari, 13.90 hectares of government lands in the village of Jalki have invaded and were confined This land is registered with various government departments ..

Therefore, appearing before the court of Tehsildar March 20 and explain why should not be punished under the 1959 Chhattisgarh Bhu-Rajaswa Law and deportation.

On March 20, documents show that two managers Aditya Srijan Private Limited, Ranjit Singh and Mahendra Kumar, appearing before the court of the Court declare the two find they had been sent by Sarita Agrawal.

In their statement, they also said that 15 plots of land, a total of 13.90 hectares “fall into their land.” “UKT zameen ke beech mein zameen humaare Lagi Hai. UKT zameen PE kisi prakaar ka karvahi nahi Kia Hai aur na phasal buoy Hai.

UKT is Apni zameen lagaati zameen ke tabadla karaana chahte Hai (The land falls on our land and without work has been done, and without cultivation has been planted well. We want to share this land with our own existing land) declared. Also read | Kuch Dalal Aaye the … later I met mantriji bought land ‘| Click here

Accusing receipt of statements, Tehsildar wrote Aditya Srijan Pvt Ltd again in a week, noting that 13.90 hectares “an aggression PE kar gaya hai ghera Kiya. Jo vibhinn said shasakiya Mein Hai darj (land registered in several government departments ha Been invaded and trusted). “

How to navigate a children’s party when your child has autism

How to navigate a children’s party when your child has autism

My son’s first anniversary was a big problem: wizards, balloon makers, paintings, clowns, pets, the whole nine-meter. Therefore, we celebrate each of your birthdays with the same enthusiasm, until our son begins to dictate the way he wants to celebrate his birthday. Autism has changed this plan a bit.

Over time, we realized that he had no idea of ​​his birthday, what are the holidays or what looks have gifts. He never asked for a gift or interest for those he received. It seemed clear from his birthday party, as if he were standing between strangers, with nothing of what was happening.

Then we realized that we do not have to follow the crowd and do what is expected for birthdays. We decided to do what we know for sure that our son would appreciate any day of the week and give him more experience on his special day. So, as a ritual, we booked a night at an indoor water park and miss a day of hiking. He likes.

Even though he took over the anguish of his birthday, we still face other social gatherings – holiday party, other children’s birthdays, Christmas parties, Halloween parties and others still. While we want to be a part of the fun, the pressure to be there with my son Vedant was too much.

He would cry, try to escape, trying to drag in the car, have accidents, to retire to a corner or sometimes too excited and be physically with other guests. Our knee reaction was to stop to go to one of these events. I started making excuses for not attending and soon I was exhausted.

That’s when I decided that hiding was not a solution. If Vedant is to survive in this world, he must learn to cope and he must help him. Over time, my husband and I are unconscious and with a bit of planning, they offer a less stressful way to solve this problem. These are some of the things we do for a “success” day (can mean different things for different people) in a social gathering.

It was the biggest change we made. We know our son does not have the social skills. We had to understand that the move to a party was more of a social experience than a fun exercise. We could not go to a party to wait for our son to sit with other kids and play a board game or run around a tag.

We had to accept that it would be difficult for him to touch so many people and so much noise and that he would work to calm it down. When this expectation has changed, we already knew what we were. We complained less because we knew it was more of a learning experience for our son a disproportionate opportunity for us. It’s tough, but practical.

I wanted to inform the host when we were going to be late and leave early. Staying for a shorter time serves two purposes: First, stress was minimized for all of us, as the duration was short and gave our child the opportunity to be a fun event, but without having submerged. As you get used to situations like these, we can slowly start to stay longer and enjoy more.

Sharad Yadav on Nitish Kumar joining hands with BJP: Don’t agree with decision, it’s unfortunate

Sharad Yadav on Nitish Kumar joining hands with BJP: Don’t agree with decision, it’s unfortunate

Ending their silence on Nitish Kumar in alignment with the BJP in Bihar, top leader of the JD (T) MP Sharad Yadav describes the turn events as “regrettable” and said that the mandate given by the people was violated.

Speaking to reporters in front of the Parliament Monday Yadav said: “I do not agree with the decision in Bihar, it is unfortunate mandate of the people were not for that.”

Reports have suggested that the veteran leader was annoying Nitish who broke the big alliance with the RJD and Congress. He declined to make statements to the media last week when Nitish has his papers. Sourcis in the match at The Indian Express that Yadav was “totally against” Nitish’s decision to return to the roof of the AIN.

In recent days, Yadav met with several opposition leaders at this residence in Delhi. He learned to say that he was “deeply wounded” with the ropes of Nitish breaking up and entering into alliance with the BJP in a moment
The unity of the opposition was more necessary.

Yadav, however, attacked the government led by the BJP in the Panama Center documents and public initiatives. “Neither the black money withdrawn abroad is not income, one of the main [] slogans of the party in power or one that has been surprised by those who have been named in the newspapers of Panama,” It has been written on Twitter .

Earlier on June 29, tweeted: “Although Government picks up the number of cessation in [the] name of various public services, but sees no improvement in any area in the country”

July 28: “Ultimately, our power source used for any social cause, as government intends to save its transitional assets in the electricity sector, but the power supply was disinterested without heart.”
On July 27, Yadav had given up on the central government’s crop insurance scheme.

“Among others, Fasal Bima Yojana is another unsuccessful [government] system according to which only private insurance companies benefit. Fasal Bima Yojana is a big failure because farmers do not know insurance, but the premium is deducted from their Loans, the benefit applies only to insurers, “he said in two tweets.

When genetic testing throws up more questions than answers

When genetic testing throws up more questions than answers

AnneMarie Ciccarella, a 57-year-old brunette who speaks quickly with a hint of New York accent, thought she knew a lot of breast cancer. Her mother was diagnosed with the disease in 1987, and several other women have also developed the disease.

When doctors found a suspicious breast lump that turned out to be cancerous, it immediately sought mutation testing on the two BRCA genes, which represent about 20 percent of families with a strong history of breast cancer.

Ciccarella assumes that the results would be positive. They were not. Instead, we only identify a variant called unknown or uncertain meaning (SUV) in BRCA1 and BRCA2. Unlike pathogenic mutations that are known to cause disease or benign diseases are not, these genetic variations are simply not sufficiently understood whether they are involved or not.

“I thought I might have a mutated gene or not, and with all the cancer in my family, I thought I was going to bring a change. I did not know there was a big third category,” he said. “I have not had any information that it was a huge loss of blood by a big question mark.”

Thousands of people tested their BRCA genes for increased genetic susceptibility to the breast, ovary, prostate and others. About 5 percent said they were an SUV. This number is even higher for other genes: in one study, nearly 20 percent of genetic testing gave an SUV result.

Genetic variants that cause disease are rare, but that does not mean that all rare variants cause disease. Should we change the way we manage uncertainty in genetic testing?

“It’s a lot of uncertainty,” said Robert Klitzman, a bioethicist at Columbia University in New York. People want genetic testing like pregnancy tests, it says: “If you are pregnant or your place is not, they look more like a time report” and most people are not ready to deal with the odds and The uncertainties that result.

When scientists asked a group of women that a year after receiving the results of the BRCA test, women whose results were uncertain or non-informative felt much more stress and anxiety than those whose results were mild or pathogenic.

A follow-up study showed that the greater the risk a person thought their outcome indicated, and she was more tolerant, she was more likely to experience a serious distress in the long run.

Even before her sequencing results appear, Ciccarella decided to have a bilateral mastectomy based on her family history. For her, if she ever developed breast cancer has been answered, and in the worst possible way.

But she still wanted the information for her son and daughter so they could see if they had inherited a genetic risk of cancer. As a number of families, they learn that genetic sequencing will not provide answers at all.

We are all mutants. The three billion DNA fragments we do have always been considered as constant, granite monument chiseled as a classic, with only small changes made here and there. Scientists used to believe that DNA mutations were largely harmful.

Lab notes: Bangladesh ‘litchi deaths’ now linked to excessive pesticide on fruit

Lab notes: Bangladesh ‘litchi deaths’ now linked to excessive pesticide on fruit

A medical research into the deaths of 13 children in Bangladesh in 2012 revealed that they were probably caused by insecticides, not lychee seeds.

The children, from a rural community in Dinajpur district, northern Bangladesh, all had an acute encephalitis syndrome or AES – a condition associated with fatal brain inflammation.

Fourteen children became ill between May 31 and June 30, 2012 and only one survived. All deaths occurred within 20 hours of onset of symptoms and have been associated with exposure to lychee fruits, which is grown in South Asia.

Similar deaths were recorded in Muzaffarpur, a district of Bihar, India. Analysis of these cases indicate that toxic compounds in lychee fruits trigger low blood sugar levels of malnourished children who skipped the dinner that leads to death.

However, a team of researchers from the International Center for Research on Diarrheal Diseases and Disease Control and the Institute for Epidemiology Research in Bangladesh and the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control and the Center for Disease Prevention and Control Global health in the United States referred to the death of Bangladesh lychee and found that AES was probably triggered by excessive and inappropriate application of pesticides and other agricultural chemicals in local fruit orchards.

The researchers pointed out that lychee seeds were not consumed and if the seeds were the cause, there would have been no scattered cases across the country and not just in a small area.

Scientists discovered that the epidemic in 2012 occurred at the time of harvest and farmers applied endosulfan in orchards, a highly toxic insecticide that has been banned in more than 80 countries. By 2016, Bangladesh was one of many countries, including India and the United States, which still allows restricted use of endosulfan.

Local residents told investigators that it was common for children to play in the orchards and eat unwashed fall fruit, using their teeth to peel thick skin. In addition, several of the victims had family members working in the orchards and this may be an increase in insecticide exposure to residues in used household linen.

The research team collected physical evidence gardens, which include containers of insecticides and other released chemicals. Residents were interviewed and found that many chemicals were applied to the fruit and in quantities much larger than those normally used by other lychee producers.

The study also found evidence that lychee producers apply an insecticide that had been approved for use in cotton, not food crops. The results were published in the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. Scientists plan to conduct follow-up studies for more liver biopsies in biological evidence and brain victims.

Champions Trophy, India vs Bangladesh: Yuvraj, After 8622 Runs And 14 Tons, Set To Play 300th ODI

Champions Trophy, India vs Bangladesh: Yuvraj, After 8622 Runs And 14 Tons, Set To Play 300th ODI

Champions Trophy, India vs Bangladesh: Yuvraj, After 8622 Runs And 14 Tons, Set To Play 300th ODI

It was a precocious talent store, a rare combination of grace and power, but for most of his 17-year career, Yuvraj Singh has been an enigma as well as a paradox in Indian cricket.
Standing at the forefront of its 300th day international day, it remains a difficult task to describe with Yunraj.

He is just the fifth cricket player in India – after Mohammed Azharuddin, Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid – to achieve the rare milestone.
The 40 test matches he played will not tell the story of a cricket player who will invariably be one of the big winners of India’s limited games cricket. And this list is not too big.

Kapil Dev, Tendulkar and Mahendra Singh Dhoni are the names that come to mind when talking about the winners of the game in the shorter versions. And this is the paradox.

At times it seemed that there were two Yuvrajs residing in a single player.
First, there was a “Yuvraj 1.0”, which, in 18 years, was not intimidated by Glenn McGrath, Brett Lee and Jason Gillespie at their peak in their first ODI entries.
It was Yuvraj, who won an Indian Natwest final trophy at the “Cricket House” when everything seemed lost.

And remember in 2002, continued for 320 total was a deviation from the established norm of what was considered impossible in 50 on cricket at the time.
And it was Yuvraj, who scored a classic 139 in Sydney against an attack including Lee, Andy Gillespie and Bichel.

But there was also “Yuvraj 2.0”, which could never decipher the test code. Some attribute it to the lack of temperament, while others say that their best years coincided with Ganguly’s second coming in test cricket and could play this number.

5 places. And Ganguly at that time, was a better test player.
He showed, on occasion, shine chips, but every time the change of SG balls red SG or Duke’s cuckoo, there was nothing in the battalion Prince Yuvraj.

User doubts have slipped while facing spinners, pitchers, especially out-breakers such as Sri Lanka supermainist Muttiah Muralitharan, who took the ball to divert the left.

There was some century of proof against Pakistan, but it could never cement its place.
It was a cricket white balls where he found his mojo, and Yuvraj stood firm with his huge contribution within the two World Cup triumphs in India.

The six six of Stuart Broad during the inauguration of the World T20 in 2007 was the catalyst of Lalit Modi to sell the “Great Indian dream” in the world – IPL – that was at the height of money.

Winning the tournament helped to grow and these six seeded the seeds of another brand of cricket.
But strangely, Yuvraj could never become a legend because his T20 IPL stats can not even remotely match Suresh Raina.

But until T20 cricket is there, Yuvraj will remain in everyone’s collective consciousness. This is why Yuvraj remain an enigma!
And then came the great World Cup 2011. The six Mahendra Singh Dhoni has a memorable value – shown on several occasions – as Kapil Dev calls Vivian Richards in the 1983 final.

But, perhaps, one of the biggest reasons for the victory of India was 15 windows and 300 odd races Yuvraj has taken.
During his work, Yuvraj killed blood, could not eat, and was fully aware that he suffered from a rare germ cell cancer.

“He was an inspiration, a champion on and off the field and I respect him for that,” said captain Virat Kohli about the oldest cricket team player.
The fight against germ cell cancer was the biggest he has ever faced in his life. It was harder for Lee Yorker or James Anderson to outsank.
The phases of life through which he passed, anyone else would have been happy to survive, but Yuvraj wanted to play.

He made a comeback and it was an emotional emotional feeling. But after all the blueprints, there is a weak and Yuvraj was the T20 World Final in 2014 against Sri Lanka in Dhaka. He scored 11 of 21 balls and India lost the game because he could not accelerate.

Spanish state prosecutor accuses Cristiano Ronaldo of tax fraud

Spanish state prosecutor accuses Cristiano Ronaldo of tax fraud

Spanish state prosecutor accuses Cristiano Ronaldo of tax fraud

A Spanish prosecutor has accused Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo to defraud the Spanish tax office of € 14.7 million ($ 16.5 million) in unpaid taxes Tuesday.
In a statement, the regional prosecutor accused Ronaldo of Madrid has four accounts of tax fraud from 2011 to 14.

He said in front of Portugal “took advantage of a commercial structure created in 2010 to hide the tax authorities in Spain generate image rights.”
The statement said that Ronaldo has used what the prosecutor considers a ghost company in the Virgin Islands “to create a screen to hide his total ISR office in Spain.”

The prosecutor also said that Ronaldo “intentionally” did not report revenues of 28.4 million euros ($ 31.8 million) for the sale of image rights from 20 to 2015 for another company located in Spain.

In addition, the prosecutor accused Ronaldo declared 11.5 million euros (12.8 million) obtained from 2011-14 on a tax return filed in 2014, when the prosecutor said

Ronaldo’s real income during this period was almost 43 million euros (48 million dollars). He added that Ronaldo has falsely charged real estate income, which has “significantly” lowered his tax rate.

It will now be until a judge decides whether it is necessary to bring the case to court.
Ronaldo Gestifute’s agency had previously said he was up to date on his taxes, and still defended Tuesday saying he had maintained the same financial planning in Spain that he was playing for Manchester United before joining Madrid in 2009.

“There is no offshore structure to evade taxes,” Gestifute said in a statement. “There has never been or concealed any intention to conceal.”

Last month, tax officials reported that Ronaldo had adjusted its tax returns and another € 6 million ($ 6.7 million) in 2014.

A golden ball four times, Ronaldo, 32, is the best football player in Europe. It took Madrid consecutive titles in the Champions League and Spanish league in its first five seasons and helped Portugal to win the European Championship last year.

He is also the last soccer player up to watch the Spanish tax man.
Last year, Barcelona striker Lionel Messi and his father Jorge Horacio Messi were found guilty on three counts of fiscal tax offense of € 4.1 million ($ 4.6 million) Image rights and 21 months imprisonment.

Neither Messi, however, should not serve in jail because it was the first offense.
On Tuesday, the state attorney cited the verdict against Messi as a precedent for the case against Ronaldo.

Messi and his father were first indicted by a tax evaders prosecutor in June 2013. His case was settled against them in July 2016.